EscapeArtist Chile strives to do more than merely offer a peek into Chile. It’s our goal to be an integral part of your research and journey whether you’re investigating all that this wonderful country has to offer or already a part of its wonder and beauty. With this in mind, our services focus on insightful and informative articles, consulting and residency services, Spanish lessons and translation and various media services, all networked in such a way as to promote the activities, pursuits and vision of nationals, vacationers and expats alike.

Who are we?

Frank n VeggiesFrank Szabo is husband to Madeline, father of one daughter and an immigrant from the USA who came to Chile to build a new life for his family and to seek new opportunities. As a serial entrepreneur, he’s found a wonderful seedbed for new ideas and innovations in Chile, as well as fertile soil for startups and expansions, especially in his new hometown, Santiago.

One of his passions is organic farming, which he’ll often refer to on this site. Having started his own organic farm as well as a farm management business, he has opportunities to discuss with readers who are interested in learning more and/or investing in Chile’s lucrative farming market.



Mote con Hueisillos - El Galeón - Mercado Central - Santiago de ChileJoe Johnson in many ways typifies the EscapeArtist as a grandfather of four five who’s still attempting to figure out what he wants to be when he grows up. Having a great deal of experience with writing, a passion for networking, an innovative mind that constantly pushes the envelope and ignores convention (to both the delight and dismay of Frank) and who’s fallen in love with the beauty and diversity Chile offers, he brings fresh ideas, new personalities and many insights and opportunities to our readers.

He and his wife Pamela are still working on immigrating (to the delight of the airlines) from the USA. For now, they’re planning on settling down in the Olmué area.


EscapeArtist Chile Services & Opportunities

Media & Advertising

EscapeArtist Chile offers an array of media and advertising services. Your articles and/or banners can be strategically placed on the EscapeArtist Chile portal and our community sites. If you have need of media services, whether to place on EscapeArtist Chile or for use elsewhere, our media experts stand ready to provide whatever you need, from a simple text ad to an elaborate production video.


Our full range of consulting services can help you through the entire process of considering and/or relocating to Chile. From thirty minute phone calls to full valet residency services to assistance with asset protection, transferring funds and opening bank accounts, we’re prepared to meet your needs and assist you through the process.

Language Services

Whether you’re looking for simple translation or in need of a Spanish teacher, we have you covered. Online and personal services are available.

Business & Startup Promotion

This area of our site was established to promote new startups, provide investors an opportunity to get involved with entrepreneurs and offer readers opportunities to become customers of new and exciting businesses in Chile.


Chilean pesos, US dollars and, yes, we accept Bitcoin or Litecoin.

Articles About Your Business

If you have a business that you think would appeal to our audience, please feel free to invite us to visit. Use the form below to provide details. Please allow for two EscapeArtist’s to show up (Could be Frank & Joe, or one of us along with a media guy… or maybe one of us will just bring a wife along). If we agree that it’s a good match and it’ll work out, we’ll bring cameras and be ready to do a write-up.

1500 ns is a news and networking community site that offers additional opportunities to keep up with what’s happening in Chile, advertise, set up personal pages, set up and/or search directory listings and classifieds and interact on robust forums. It’s always a work in progress, so return often and let us know what we might do to improve our services.

Contact Us

We’re always looking for new was we can serve our readers and customers better. Please let us know about new ideas or how we can improve what we’re already offering. Bottom line: If our readers aren’t happy, then ain’t nobody happy.

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