Thank you for your interest in advertising with EscapeArtist Chile. We’ve been very encouraged with the response to our launch.

In July’s EscapeArtist Chile update, COO Joe Johnson stated,

Since it’s launch in late June, 2014, EscapeArtist Chile has seen excellent growth and reader retention. Readers are viewing an average of 3.75 pages per visit, which is surprisingly excellent for such a new site. Our visitors are staying for an average of over four minutes as well, signifying that they’re finding useful content.”

Regarding EscapeArtist Chile’s performance, Domingo Silvas, CEO of EscapeArtist, remarked:

The EscapeArtist Chile team literally exploded onto the EscapeArtist network! In less than a month, their reader retention (pages viewed and average time per visit) exceeded all our sites and portals. We’re very impressed with their accomplishments already and look forward to doing great things with them in the future.

Within our first 30 days EscapeArtist Chile enjoyed:

  • 5,363 – Pageviews
  • 3.94 – Average Pages Viewed per visit
  • 4.35 – Average Time spent on site

Most recent 30 day report:

Pages / Session
Avg. Session Duration