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    Another Joe

    The following is found in the Freedom Orchard brochure, pointing out that there is a substantial discount (~30%) for purchases made before approximately mid-July.

    Freedom Orchard is just getting under way and only a couple farms and a dozen or so building lots have been sold. The infrastructure is still to be installed. To increase the excitement around our vision and provide incentives to early buyers, we are offering attractive discounts. For the first 35 standard (½ hectare) building lots, the pricing will be $65,000 USD. For the first 5 (20 hectare) working farms, the price will be $750,000 USD. If financing is desired, the terms, as listed previously, are adjusted to require a minimum of 70% down. Please note that under this special offer, which will likely terminate before mid-July 2013, purchasers of lots or farms will not immediately receive title to their land. Instead, they will receive “promesas de compraventa” that entitle them to specific lots or farmland. Once Eyzaguirre y Cobin, S.A., finalize the registration of the subdivision, title to the lots and farms can then be transferred to their new owners. Prior to that time, if, for any reason, the pre-sales client is not satisfied with their building lot, they will receive a refund of their money in full.

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