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    There’s no need for us to reinvent the wheel here since there’s a website devoted to Freedom Orchard’s endeavor. However, their mission statement should suffice as a good introduction.

    Freedom Orchard (Vergel Libertad) seeks to acquire and develop property throughout Chile, suitable for establishing sustainable communities, and alternative sites for organic farming, forestry, light industry and recreation, that will be attractive to freedom-minded people worldwide.

    You can read more about this wonderful opportunity at http://www.freedomorchard.com.

    The Freedom Orchard brochure and prospectus is available in PDF here – Freedom Orchard Prespectus.

    Freedom Orchard – Vergel Libertad – Spot from DCM producciones on Vimeo.

    Some interesting key facts

    • Utilities will be installed: water system, electricity production, fishing, livestock, organic fruits and vegetables, along with recreational facilities.
    • 50-55 minutes to Santiago
    • 45-50 minutes to Viña del Mar’s beaches and casino
    • 30 minutes to the international airport
    • 15 minutes to modern grocery stores, hardware stores and restaurants
    • Lots (1.24 acres or ½ hectares) affordably priced, starting from $95,000 USD
    • Lake lots (1.24 acres or ½ hectares), will also be available.
    • Some larger lots: 1, 1½ and 2 hectares will be available.
    • Landscaping, fencing, and garden installation services available
    • Farms of 20 or 40 hectares (50 or 99 acres) available, either in raw land form or prepared and ready to farm
    • Passive investment farming services on a 50/50 basis
    • Home builders provided at a reasonable price, usually around USD$50 per square foot
    • No libertarian philosophy quiz required for admission; minimal restrictive covenants
    • Visa and residency services available

    What is a sustainable community?

    Freedom Orchard will feature an organic farm with fruits, vegetables, fish and livestock. It will have its own water supply and electrical generation. There will be recreational activities like golf and clubhouse, swimming pool, tennis courts, horse riding and more. These amenities will be put in over the next twelve months. Freedom Orchard will be a great place to live with a wonderful climate, midway between the big city or the beach and sailing areas (no more than 55 minutes from each). Please visit our What Distinguishes Freedom Orchard page for a full informational on the site.

    Location, Location, Location

    Freedom Orchard is conveniently located to important services in Santiago and Viña del Mar, such as world-class hospitals, medical care services, great restaurants, clubs, nightlife, malls, schools and universities, as well as employment opportunities. The tollway system serving the area is world-class. The international airport is approximately 30 minutes away, from which one can access many direct flights to international locations (e.g., Europe, Australia, New Zealand, United States, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Panama, Peru, Ecuador and Colombia) and beautiful destinations within Chile (see the appendix on the attractiveness of Chile).

    Downtown Santiago or the beaches of Viña del Mar can be reached in 45 minutes and the nicer suburbs of Santiago are less than an hour away. Luxury bus services run every ten minutes to Curacaví from Santiago2 and downtown Viña del Mar or Valparaíso, and the fare is only a few dollars. For another few dollars there are collective taxi services that run from Curacaví’s plaza up Calle Isabel Riquelme to near the km 14 sign and the entrance to Freedom Orchard.

    After the community begins to grow, and demand for travel between Curacaví and Freedom Orchard grows, market forces will surely generate more transportation options, consumer services and churches. Curacaví is a typical Chilean agricultural worker’s town, but it has a couple modern supermarkets and banks which would make living in Freedom Orchard more convenient.

    Freedom Orchard – Vergel Libertad from DCM producciones on Vimeo.

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