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    Another Joe

    This forum is for discussing what kind of entity would serve our purposes best and which jurisdiction would be most advantageous.

    The reasons for this are many faceted, including:

    1. We have investors from around the world
    2. The US has some of the most onerous and invasive reporting requirements
    3. There are excellent tax advantages in certain jurisdictions
    4. The holding entity should be structured such that it defies seizure for any reason

    We will need to decide on whether it’s best to form a trust, an offshore LLC or some other structure. It’s entirely possible that we’ll decide to domicile it in the U.S. anyway, but we want to keep all options on the table.

    In order to help us discern what would be the best structure and jurisdiction, we’ll bring in an asset protection and offshore expert to discuss our options. This individual is also available for private consultation. Anyone interested in contacting him personally, please indicate so below in this thread. This forum will be for the purpose of discussing what we consider to be the best format and jurisdiction from which to base our effort as a group.


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