This was sent to our Casey Report Subscribers just last week as a Special Report, BUT we feel that’s it important that we get the word out.  

Gary Johnson is running for the Republican nomination for president. If you didn’t know that, you’re not alone. Precious few people do. He is the longest of long shots, with little money, a bare-bones grassroots organization and parsimonious media coverage, to say the least. He has had to fight through the indignity of being uninvited to most of the candidates’ debates. When polls are taken about voters’ choices, his name is often simply omitted from the list, lending him little chance to develop support momentum.

That he’s being ignored is not surprising, given his shoestring budget in a campaign where others are already spending countless millions. And it doesn’t help that the mainstream Republican establishment can’t stand him. It might seem like he’d be embraced as a very popular, two-term GOP governor of New Mexico, a state with a 2-1 Democratic voter registration. (He’s the only governor running who maintains a better than 50% approval rating in his home state.) Obviously, he attracts the Independents and crossover Democrats that Republicans covet. He would probably beat Obama handily.